Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"SIENNA" Updates!

Halloween 2011
A Cadet Exercise 2011

My Beautiful Girl After A Day At The Salon

Sienna's Grad

Sweet Sienna

My beautiful Graduate
June 2011
 Sienna has been through so many changes this year! She has graduated and is now in Jr. High. OUCH! She has thrived in Army Cadets, she has had her first boyfriend, she got her nosed pierced and then removed it. She has gone from a "C" student to bringing home "A's". Sienna has flourished into a beautiful and very talented young woman. Her free time is normally spent on her cell phone or reading a book. Sienna excels in all she tries and she has really stepped out of her box. Sienna is looking forward to going to high school in September and going to camp in BC this July.

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