Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holiday Catch Up

Getting ready for a very busy Christmas. I truly believe maybe the best ever. Anticipation is intense. Here are some things we have done to prepare. It has been a lot of work and so worth it so far. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Uncle Nin Nin and Mary come and massive family meal. Can't wait. Will post pics as soon as I can after Christmas. Maybe on the 25th as our Christmas will be over. Merry Christmas to everyone. May this year to come be safe and bring happiness.

First picture. My first attempt at making stockings. Everyone got on. Including Jenny Brooke's Guinea Pig.

2nd Pic is NANA. Yeah nana is here. She is staying with us for a while. She makes everyone smile.

3rd pic. Our popcorn strings. So pretty. Sienna did a wonderful job.

4th pic is my sweet princess. So hard to believe she is a young woman. My baby girl.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Changes AGAIN

So after much talk with kids, Dave and friends the theme and colors of the wedding have changed AGAIN. This time we can all officially say we know what we are finally doing. Which is quite a relief. Going back and forth has been driving me nuts. Date has NOT change thank goodness. For so many years I have struggled with self esteem and self worth which brings me to a final wedding decision. We are going to have a Fairytale winter wedding. Although it really isn't in the winter lol!  I want to be a princess for a day and I want my girls to be the princesses they already are. I will be marrying my prince and my handsome son will continue to be the prince that he is. I am completely thrilled and can envision the whole wedding. My dreams have already come true but on April 27th 2013 people will be able to be apart of it. There will be so many different aspects to out wedding because EVERYTHING Dave and I do will incorporate our three wonderful children. I don't wanna give to much away but this wedding is going to be a very personal heart felt renewal of our commitment as a family.

Monday, March 12, 2012

We FINALLY Decided!

So it is official! We will be doing our family renewal on April 27,2013. It will start at 3:00 p.m. We need a lot of help planning to make this day amazing for us and for all our guests! Save the date cards will be sent out this month, so expect yours. The kids, Dave and I are very excited and hope to see you there!

Some Wedding Planning

Our Rustic Wedding is going to be held in Fort McMurray, Alberta our new home. We want everyone who comes to feel comfortable and relaxed in our calming nature/rustic themed wedding. Dave the kids and I will be renewing our comititment to one another. As a family we want our friends and family to know that our love for each other is  unfailing and a life's journey.

 Here are some ideas that we have come up with. We are trying to make our family renewal personal by making as much of the favors, flowers, centerpieces and decorations as  a  family. Please feel free to leave your ideas. Any ideas welcome and appreciated.

                              When love and skill work together,expect a masterpiece.  ~ John Ruskin

Labels for the Goodie Bags
Our Menu Idea! With Chocolate Brown Ribbon

Idea for having different sayings placed throughout the reception.

Wine Bottle Labels.

We will be having a sand ceremony Dave, Seth, Sienna, Brooke and I will all have a different color of sand.
This will replace the candle ceremony!

Idea for table decorations.

Dave and I really like the graffiti cakes. In our colors.

Another cake Idea.

Part of take home gifts. Each will have a special wish from the Schwarz Family.
Which all of us will write out together.

Another cake idea.

A dress I really like.

Another Decoration Idea.

Possible Centerpiece

More Decorations. Again handmade by the Schwarz Family

We WILL be having a Candy Bar.

Labels for silverware we want to wrap in burlap bags.

Our ring bearer will have different signs throughout the day.

Idea for candy boxes. (But Bigger)

The kids and I LOVE reading so everone will be getting a personalized Bookmark!

Another Centerpiece Idea

Another Decoration Idea. With Pics of Dave and I and the Kiddies!

Take Home Gift Idea

Idea for Aisle

Wall Decoration

We will be having cupcakes as well as a wedding cake and this is pretty much what it will be looking like although different colors. When you are at a wedding a lot of the time guests miss out on the wedding cake this solves that problem!

More Decoration Ideas

Just Love the Pic. Our Save The Date Cards are so cool and personal can`t wait to mail them out. NO HINTS
you will have to wait!

Another Idea filled with seeds you can plant!

Instead of gifts we are asking family and friends to bring a small item to have time capsule. We as a family will open it up on our tenth anniversary from our  renewal date!


Monday, March 05, 2012

Time Together!

Today was such a wonderful day! Today truly was amazing Dave and I connected in a way we have not have in so many years. We spent the better part of the afternoon doing pictures. Brooke and our friends daughter Arianne all went to take pictures throughout town. We had a photo shoot set up but the photographer fell in bathroom while painting. We hope she is ok! But none the less I was determined to get pics. Dave and I did not get engagement pics done before our wedding so it was long overdue.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Our Special Family Pictures

Pictures taken when we were on vacation!


Mom And Dad!

Soul Mates

Such a beautiful Winter Day

Dave and I have had a WONDERFUL year together! We have spent a lot of time getting to know each other again and spending more quality time together. Throughout our relationship the world around us went so fast we forgot to stop and pay attention to the little things. We are now doing that. We are recommitting ourselves to our family and our relationship. Next year Dave and I will be renewing our vows and expressing our commitment and love for each other and our children! Dave is out in Edmonton right now buying a new gun which is his new obsession. Together we look forward to being together and going forward to experience all life has for us and our family!

Our "BOO"

 Brooke is our sweet little girl, who knows everything about everything. Who can her a cell phone ring or beep when no one else can. Our Boo who needs to know about every ones conversations and actions. Our Boo who always feels she knows best! Brooke is our personal PDA! This last year a lot has changed for her. She has become a social butterfly, she is excelling in school. She did her first science fair project this year and she placed second. She is very much starting to come into herself and it is such a pleasure to watch. She is now      eight and in grade three. and so "BOO"