Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So Much Is Happening!

First and for most Fort McMurray has FINALLY become home! Not only physically but emotionally as well! The kids are settled and thriving. Both Sienna and Seth are now in Army Cadets and loving it! It has really made them come out of their shells. Dave and I have filed to become CIC's which simply means civilian instructors. Brooke gets to come and hang out and as a family we all love being involved and participating in Cadets. We are proud of Sienna and Seth.

Second Christmas/OUR HOME

Old House/First Christmas

Sienna and Seth lighting the yearly candle
in memory of their brother Nat!

We have purchased a home and it is so thrilling. I love having a place to call ours. We moved in just before Christmas which made for a very eventful Christmas holiday. But it was all worth it.The kids
ended up having two Christmas's as the timing with the move got a little jumbled. Dave and I did not
hear any complaining though.

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