Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting to Know Fort Mac

Orca (7yrs) in blue collar Keiko (4 yrs) is on the cat tree!

Some of the scenery we enjoy daily!

Traffic on a very slow day!

Beautiful rainbows we get to see almost every time it rains!

The Discovery Center

They have this wonderful place called The Discovery Center it is all about the oil sands and how things work and the oil is processed! It is quite a fasinating place! The kids were disappointed to leave as there was so many hands on activities! These are just some of the things that were there! The smiles on the kids faces should explain how much fun it really was!

Our Scientists

Sienna Our Scientist

Seth Our Mad Scientist

Dave's Mini Me

Our Little David

Working Hard

Our Kids Hard At Work

Very Big Trucks Everywhere

One of the very trucks
that was inside the center!
This is huge but despite it's
size it is still not the biggest!
And this is actually a real truck
that has been used in the Oil

Learning Day

Three stages of oil Brooke stirred the easy one!
Discovering the particles in the oil
We found Our Fort McMurray Waldo!

More Discovery

Sisterly Love

This is at the start of the center before you actually enter into the hands on learning area. Before you walk in you push a button and this little cartoon character walks you through the whole place. He is found everywhere in some of the displays, in some of the equipment it is really neat it is like the Fort McMurray wheres Waldo!

Off To A New School

So much has happened since our move out here! Fort Mcmurray is something that definitely takes some getting used to! The kids have adjusted quite well! Brooke has already been to a birthday party and she is thriving! She is not sure about school everyday and all the homework she brings home each night but she is dealing with it with calm and ease! School starts earlier here so kids need to be up by 6:45 am by Thursday the early mornings definitely start taking its toll. Brooke has made friends quite easily as well, as a five year old everyone is a friend. Seth has had some struggles with school! He is very hard on himself when it comes to accomplishing things. He got caught up with the week they missed quickly however this book that the class has been working on called Bunnicula has sent him over the edge! This book is a dialog setup and Seth cannot wrap him mind around it! He spends hours and hours trying to figure it out I think he is on his third round of reading the first 6 chapters. He has stressed himself out because he cannot figure out the point of the book! My little Einstein will not let this book get the best of him! As supportive as I try to be my little man will not rest until he has conquered this book! Oh did I mention that all the required work has been done and he passed it all with great marks and the class is onto a new book! Sienna is a little miracle story! Since she has been here she has excelled in school every report every book every piece of work is DONE she has not only caught up but she has also started working on her science project which is not due for months! She tried out for cheer leading and she got chosen for the Excel Cheer leading Team which allows her to compete against other clubs! She was thrilled but most importantly she was proud of herself which is amazing. Her confidence level has soared! She is making friends (good friends) she has already made plans for a sleep over. It is so nice to see that my little girl can finally look in the mirror and be proud and happy with what she sees!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Next Miley Cyrus

Brooke on our way to Alberta -- Her favorite song! This video was to cute to leave out! Enjoy!

The Deer Farm

This is the kids at Uncle Georges Deer Farm in McGrath, Alberta. He has been raising deer for approx 12 years and the kids and myself thought that it was so neat! We were not allowed to pet them as they are sold to hunting camps so they need to be kept wild and not tame! Some of them were brave enough to come closer than others . We were so excited none of us had seen so many deer so close up! My favorite part was the noise that the deer made as there warning call. It sounded as if they we breathing out like a puff of air! You may hear it in the videos.

More Family

Auntie Marianne and Uncle Rick -Tonia and Michelle's mom and dad!

Baby Ethan

(LEFT) Michelle - (Tonia's sister)
(RIGHT) Ethan Michelle's son!



Tonia -- Mother of Braydon,
David and Richard!
Soren Tonia's Husband!

David,Richard,Braydon-- Tonia and Sorens

The days are slowly creeping up towards our final step of getting to Fort McMurray! Friday we arrived in Calgary which was not that exciting except for the adrenaline and heart flutters I got from all the crazy drivers! I am just a small town girl and let me just say that Calgary makes driving through Toronto at rush hour look like child play! I have never seen so many people and aggressive driving! Here in Calgary we are visiting Tonia and Soren and there kids and two doors down is Auntie Marianne! The kids are having a blast! Auntie Marianne runs a day home so there is tons of toys to play with and the fact that all the cousins and their friends are around make being here quite enjoyable to the kids! We have not really done to much this weekend the kids have been having fun just hanging out! I think they are now officially 7/11 slushie addicts! EVERYDAY slushies! Apparently out here it is a right of passage!LOL Tonia is 31 and she has one everyday just to get her fix! It is quite funny actually! Today our events consist of a place called The Leisure Center! The wave pool is suppose to be amazing! So this evening I will be sure to post some pics! I on a personal note am getting quite excited! I have loved visiting and getting to know our family all over again but tomorrow at 9:00 am Dave,myself and our children will officially be on our way to our new home! I will enjoy today to its fullest and then we are off! When I get there a whole new adventure starts. The kids will be starting school one week later. Here in Alberta the school kids started on the 27th of August. They kids were quite happy we were not settled yet! Except Brooke who is just excited because she gets to go to grade one as here in Alberta they have no kindergarten just preschool and school,as well as most parents do not even start their kids until the age of six! So Brooke thinks she is the smartest five year old around! We always thought that however her knowing that becomes quite difficult when it comes to telling her something! All those that truly know what Brooke is like understand our pain! LOL

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sorry for the delay on getting this up to date but I am doing it now! This week has been quite exciting and full of adventure! Tired everyday but well worth it! Saturday was packed full after lunch the fun began! Here in Alberta they have what they call Whoop Up Days! The have so many activities that it would take to long to mention everything! But some of the things we were lucky enough to enjoy! It was 28 Celsius sun was shining and just a very slight little breeze it was a beautiful day to take the kids to the fair! Although very expensive the kids got to enjoy some new experiences and got a taste of a new culture! They were in awe of how large this exhibition really was! They had never seen so many rides and attractions. I think their favorite part was the very large snow cones that they got! None of them could believe how large they really were! Of course they girls could not finish theirs but leave it to Seth to come through! The kids had a blast. The excitement that was consuming them was barely controllable but as usual they were wonderful! The experiences that they have had in the short time they have been here is something they will carry in their hearts and minds forever as a mom that is a really comforting feeling!

Swimming Fun

After all the fun at the exhibition and all the fun at Pizza Hut off to the wave pool we went! Brooke was quite taken by her new cousins they giggled from their toes most of the day! Exhaustion was not something the kids were willing to admit! Between the two water slides and the wave pool there was no stopping them! Sienna was quite taken with Soren her new cousin that is married to Tonia! He was having a blast playing with the kids. I am not sure who was having more fun the little ones or the big ones! The wave pool was just around the corner so with all the activities we lucked out and it did not require a lot of driving. The less driving for the next little while the better! LOL!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Grandpa's Little Town

Grandpa Schwarz made each and everyone of them and there is many more! If it was in a town in 1940 he made it! The kids think it is the best thing going they put their toys in jail,they go to get their 25 cent hair cut and of course they use the men's and woman's side by side outhouse!

Today has been filled with lots of activities! It is amazing to me how much you can actually pack into a day! The day started out as each one does everyone having breakfast together. Thee kids as well as myself really seem to like to conversation and together time we get! I have a new respect and admiration for our grand parents! Grandpa made this amazing little town out of wood! He has the general store,a jail,his and her out houses etc ... everything you would find in a little town years ago! He did an amazing job! I will post a pic of it tomorrow when I get the pics of my memory card at Walmart! Anywho back to our day! After breakfast grandma and I took the kids to a very quaint little park with loads of bike trails and the kids went roller blading! Of course Baby (Grandma and Grandpa's Pomeranian) went along with us! The kid were quite tired out when we returned! After a quick drink it was off to shop. I the great brave driver made Grandma come with us as I get lost going around the corner! We made it Walmart where I got some pictures done and the kids went around with Grandma! As we go through the check out I always opt to go through self check out but Grandma apparently does not because she was hitting buttons and ending needing help to do self check out because everything is in french! It was quite cute! Long story she ended up putting money in and could not figure out if she paid or not! She is really sweet! After our walmart giggle we went onto the dollar store across town to get packaging to send out our boxes to Ontario ladies! Driving not so fun in Lethbridge, who the heck decided four lane traffic was a good idea anyway! So fighting through idiots driving to Grandmas house we go where the kids again went back to the backyard to play with the little town again! Surprisingly enough this is more like a very relaxing wonderful family vacation than a move! Lesson for the day is CHILL OUT AND LOOK AND ENJOY PEOPLE and your surrounding you never know when you will get a chance to enjoy them again.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

So Dave left for Calgary to catch his flight back to work! I thought that it was going to be hard being in a strange town but thankfully grandma and grandpa Schwarz have made the transition quite easy! Dave left at 3 pm our time (that 5 pm for you Ontario folk) and after dinner I decide to get brave and take kids to a place called the movie mill! Basically it is a theater but the cost is only $4.00 per adult and $3.00 for kids under 12. We chose Night at the Museum 2! Long story short it was horrible the screen had lines through it and the kids were getting a headache watching it so after about 40 mins the kids wanted to leave! Leaving was cool with me but as we left I then realized that I did not know how to get back to grandma`s house! I took a few wrong turns ended up at a dead end road but luckily enough I had my trusted GPS the kids! They guided me home. Red face and all it goes to show you that kids actually do pay attention! LOL!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I though I Saw A Gopher

Ok so without Internet it is hard to keep up on a blog. So in the best interest of me spending two hours typing I have decided to just do the pictures you will get the point! To start this is a gopher and they are EVERYWHERE literally there are more of these than bugs! They kids think they are amazing however apparently the farmers hire people to shot them as they make holes all over the fields and the live stock fall in them and break their legs! Cute yes but.............

Fossil Check

This was a really cute little town that we stopped at that had rocks and fossils. It was such a beautiful little shop! Thank heavens for needing to pee or we would have never found it! All the kids got to chose some rocks and we pick up some really neat ones for a very special little woman in Marmora who collects them and we miss very much!

Swinging Bridge

Swinging bridge! The kids got a kick out swinging it while I was trying to take their pictures! I kept falling over my feet they were giggling from their toes they thought it was so funny! Not so much for mom though!

Beautiful Scenery

Some beautiful scenery on the way! Manitoba I think!