Monday, March 12, 2012

Some Wedding Planning

Our Rustic Wedding is going to be held in Fort McMurray, Alberta our new home. We want everyone who comes to feel comfortable and relaxed in our calming nature/rustic themed wedding. Dave the kids and I will be renewing our comititment to one another. As a family we want our friends and family to know that our love for each other is  unfailing and a life's journey.

 Here are some ideas that we have come up with. We are trying to make our family renewal personal by making as much of the favors, flowers, centerpieces and decorations as  a  family. Please feel free to leave your ideas. Any ideas welcome and appreciated.

                              When love and skill work together,expect a masterpiece.  ~ John Ruskin

Labels for the Goodie Bags
Our Menu Idea! With Chocolate Brown Ribbon

Idea for having different sayings placed throughout the reception.

Wine Bottle Labels.

We will be having a sand ceremony Dave, Seth, Sienna, Brooke and I will all have a different color of sand.
This will replace the candle ceremony!

Idea for table decorations.

Dave and I really like the graffiti cakes. In our colors.

Another cake Idea.

Part of take home gifts. Each will have a special wish from the Schwarz Family.
Which all of us will write out together.

Another cake idea.

A dress I really like.

Another Decoration Idea.

Possible Centerpiece

More Decorations. Again handmade by the Schwarz Family

We WILL be having a Candy Bar.

Labels for silverware we want to wrap in burlap bags.

Our ring bearer will have different signs throughout the day.

Idea for candy boxes. (But Bigger)

The kids and I LOVE reading so everone will be getting a personalized Bookmark!

Another Centerpiece Idea

Another Decoration Idea. With Pics of Dave and I and the Kiddies!

Take Home Gift Idea

Idea for Aisle

Wall Decoration

We will be having cupcakes as well as a wedding cake and this is pretty much what it will be looking like although different colors. When you are at a wedding a lot of the time guests miss out on the wedding cake this solves that problem!

More Decoration Ideas

Just Love the Pic. Our Save The Date Cards are so cool and personal can`t wait to mail them out. NO HINTS
you will have to wait!

Another Idea filled with seeds you can plant!

Instead of gifts we are asking family and friends to bring a small item to have time capsule. We as a family will open it up on our tenth anniversary from our  renewal date!


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