Saturday, March 17, 2012

Changes AGAIN

So after much talk with kids, Dave and friends the theme and colors of the wedding have changed AGAIN. This time we can all officially say we know what we are finally doing. Which is quite a relief. Going back and forth has been driving me nuts. Date has NOT change thank goodness. For so many years I have struggled with self esteem and self worth which brings me to a final wedding decision. We are going to have a Fairytale winter wedding. Although it really isn't in the winter lol!  I want to be a princess for a day and I want my girls to be the princesses they already are. I will be marrying my prince and my handsome son will continue to be the prince that he is. I am completely thrilled and can envision the whole wedding. My dreams have already come true but on April 27th 2013 people will be able to be apart of it. There will be so many different aspects to out wedding because EVERYTHING Dave and I do will incorporate our three wonderful children. I don't wanna give to much away but this wedding is going to be a very personal heart felt renewal of our commitment as a family.

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