Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holiday Catch Up

Getting ready for a very busy Christmas. I truly believe maybe the best ever. Anticipation is intense. Here are some things we have done to prepare. It has been a lot of work and so worth it so far. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Uncle Nin Nin and Mary come and massive family meal. Can't wait. Will post pics as soon as I can after Christmas. Maybe on the 25th as our Christmas will be over. Merry Christmas to everyone. May this year to come be safe and bring happiness.

First picture. My first attempt at making stockings. Everyone got on. Including Jenny Brooke's Guinea Pig.

2nd Pic is NANA. Yeah nana is here. She is staying with us for a while. She makes everyone smile.

3rd pic. Our popcorn strings. So pretty. Sienna did a wonderful job.

4th pic is my sweet princess. So hard to believe she is a young woman. My baby girl.

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