Monday, August 17, 2009

Grandpa's Little Town

Grandpa Schwarz made each and everyone of them and there is many more! If it was in a town in 1940 he made it! The kids think it is the best thing going they put their toys in jail,they go to get their 25 cent hair cut and of course they use the men's and woman's side by side outhouse!

Today has been filled with lots of activities! It is amazing to me how much you can actually pack into a day! The day started out as each one does everyone having breakfast together. Thee kids as well as myself really seem to like to conversation and together time we get! I have a new respect and admiration for our grand parents! Grandpa made this amazing little town out of wood! He has the general store,a jail,his and her out houses etc ... everything you would find in a little town years ago! He did an amazing job! I will post a pic of it tomorrow when I get the pics of my memory card at Walmart! Anywho back to our day! After breakfast grandma and I took the kids to a very quaint little park with loads of bike trails and the kids went roller blading! Of course Baby (Grandma and Grandpa's Pomeranian) went along with us! The kid were quite tired out when we returned! After a quick drink it was off to shop. I the great brave driver made Grandma come with us as I get lost going around the corner! We made it Walmart where I got some pictures done and the kids went around with Grandma! As we go through the check out I always opt to go through self check out but Grandma apparently does not because she was hitting buttons and ending needing help to do self check out because everything is in french! It was quite cute! Long story she ended up putting money in and could not figure out if she paid or not! She is really sweet! After our walmart giggle we went onto the dollar store across town to get packaging to send out our boxes to Ontario ladies! Driving not so fun in Lethbridge, who the heck decided four lane traffic was a good idea anyway! So fighting through idiots driving to Grandmas house we go where the kids again went back to the backyard to play with the little town again! Surprisingly enough this is more like a very relaxing wonderful family vacation than a move! Lesson for the day is CHILL OUT AND LOOK AND ENJOY PEOPLE and your surrounding you never know when you will get a chance to enjoy them again.

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  1. That is a good lesson Tracy...I like the way you think:o)


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