Monday, August 24, 2009

Sorry for the delay on getting this up to date but I am doing it now! This week has been quite exciting and full of adventure! Tired everyday but well worth it! Saturday was packed full after lunch the fun began! Here in Alberta they have what they call Whoop Up Days! The have so many activities that it would take to long to mention everything! But some of the things we were lucky enough to enjoy! It was 28 Celsius sun was shining and just a very slight little breeze it was a beautiful day to take the kids to the fair! Although very expensive the kids got to enjoy some new experiences and got a taste of a new culture! They were in awe of how large this exhibition really was! They had never seen so many rides and attractions. I think their favorite part was the very large snow cones that they got! None of them could believe how large they really were! Of course they girls could not finish theirs but leave it to Seth to come through! The kids had a blast. The excitement that was consuming them was barely controllable but as usual they were wonderful! The experiences that they have had in the short time they have been here is something they will carry in their hearts and minds forever as a mom that is a really comforting feeling!

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