Sunday, August 30, 2009

David,Richard,Braydon-- Tonia and Sorens

The days are slowly creeping up towards our final step of getting to Fort McMurray! Friday we arrived in Calgary which was not that exciting except for the adrenaline and heart flutters I got from all the crazy drivers! I am just a small town girl and let me just say that Calgary makes driving through Toronto at rush hour look like child play! I have never seen so many people and aggressive driving! Here in Calgary we are visiting Tonia and Soren and there kids and two doors down is Auntie Marianne! The kids are having a blast! Auntie Marianne runs a day home so there is tons of toys to play with and the fact that all the cousins and their friends are around make being here quite enjoyable to the kids! We have not really done to much this weekend the kids have been having fun just hanging out! I think they are now officially 7/11 slushie addicts! EVERYDAY slushies! Apparently out here it is a right of passage!LOL Tonia is 31 and she has one everyday just to get her fix! It is quite funny actually! Today our events consist of a place called The Leisure Center! The wave pool is suppose to be amazing! So this evening I will be sure to post some pics! I on a personal note am getting quite excited! I have loved visiting and getting to know our family all over again but tomorrow at 9:00 am Dave,myself and our children will officially be on our way to our new home! I will enjoy today to its fullest and then we are off! When I get there a whole new adventure starts. The kids will be starting school one week later. Here in Alberta the school kids started on the 27th of August. They kids were quite happy we were not settled yet! Except Brooke who is just excited because she gets to go to grade one as here in Alberta they have no kindergarten just preschool and school,as well as most parents do not even start their kids until the age of six! So Brooke thinks she is the smartest five year old around! We always thought that however her knowing that becomes quite difficult when it comes to telling her something! All those that truly know what Brooke is like understand our pain! LOL

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  1. haha.....I grew up having a slushie at the 7/11 whenever I went to Kitchener to visit my cousins!:o)


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