Thursday, March 11, 2010

Catching up


Thursday today - Seth and Sienna have a ski trip and Brooke gets a hot lunch! Brooke has decided that now that I am running a day care that she needs to be in the center! My big girl apparently wants some extra attention. Sometimes I am pretty hard on her because I forget that she is only 6 she is so smart and definitely does not act six. I am in a way glad that she feels she needs more attention we cuddle more talk more and she is always by my side! My little girl is all mine and I don't mind saying so! Sienna has hit a preteen wall I thought I had a little more time! he is developing in her body and her attitude! She has always been messy but now she has practically overnight grown into a slob! A wonderful girl whose now concerned more with looks hair and boys! Where is my shy quiet little girl! Growing up is tough but I have concluded it is much tougher on the parents! Seth is Seth he has a girlfriend named Paige she is really sweet and Seth does not mind telling everyone she is a twin! Report cards are coming out next Friday I used to be worried and now I am really excited! All three children are thriving in school! Report card day is now a time of celebration.

As I have already stated I have now opened a day home! I am quite enjoying it! I have 4 children that come! 3 girls Serena who is 18 months, Madelyn who is 15 months, Brooklyn who is 14 months and JJ who is the only boy poor guy who will be 8 months! The downstairs of our new home has been converted into a play room and our spare room has been converted into a nursery! With 4 young children I tip my hate to parents with multiples! Jon and Kate kudos to you! Although very challenging I feel like I am finally doing something that is truly making me a more patient and loving person not only with my daycare children but most importantly my own. The adjustment has been tough but I am enjoying the ride! Before the daycare started I was fostering puppies for the S.P.C.A 7 of them. We had them for over a month seven little border collie pups their mom died and we fostered them since they were 2 1/2 weeks old and now they are up for adoption! We kept one of them we named her Nikki she is a little spit fire but we love her! We joke and say we kept her because no one would adopt her she is so bad. But she is just a baby in time we can hope!

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