Friday, March 12, 2010

Park Hopping

On Fridays the kids only have half days at school so now that the weather is nice I try to get them out as much as possible! With Brooke having her friend over for a sleepover outdoor activities were the way to go to burn some energy. Fort McMurray has so much to offer with play grounds and scenery that finding something to do does not require much thought! I am actually getting around pretty good on my own now. Up until January I only went out if Dave was home and was able to drive us! Everyone that lives here always picks the same time to go out and run errands it is insane traffic especially around five traffic quite often leads to grid lock! But now that Dave works and I have no choice  but to drive as the kids need to be taken to and from school everyday! So back on topic the kids and I picked up Brooke's  friend Jayda and off to the park we went! With all the snow that we have got everything is now melting and very muddy! Getting a car wash anywhere in town is $1.00 per minute so muddy is not good.

After we hit a few parks and about 1000 mud puddles (Brooke found everyone) we thought posing for pictures for everyone to see would be a great idea. Well okay it was just my idea but what were the kids gonna do I was driving! Spending time together has really started to take priority. We are a family living in the same house but we all seem to have separate lives! There is a long list of thing's that I hate about Fort McMurray but the one thing that I love is that as a family we are so much closer! Because there is so many people out here that are just here to work it is nice to know that the community tries really hard to focus on kids and activities for them throughout the whole year. Where in Ontario kids are now preparing for March break here in Alberta the kids have spring break and it is not until April. Their break co insides with Easter so they have a 2 week break hopefully winter is finally over and the kids and I can enjoy each other and the great outdoors. Fort McMurray has beautiful scenery which makes living here a little more peaceful. 

I think in hind sight moving to Fort McMurray is one of the smartest thing's we have done! Every night Dave comes home not every two weeks, my sweet girl Sienna has made a lot of friends and her self esteem is soaring which is what we had hope never mind the fact that at school she is doing wonderful and we couldn't be more proud of her despite her pre-teen attitude. Sienna is growing up and it is a pleasure to watch.

As for Brooke well what do you say  hmmmmm ....... well she is six, spoiled, kind hearted and beautiful but she is still quite a handful! This last illness has really make her a different child. We still have not many answers as to why her belly pain was so bad but none the less she is Brooke and life would not be as wonderful without her! Seth came home from school today quite upset apparently there is a girl in his class Emma who feels that his chose of girlfriends is wrong so she is making spending time with Paige difficult for him!  Oh to be nine again and all the turmoil that goes along with it! We talked and he feels better but all I could think about when we were talking is "I wish I had stress and problems like that" ode to be a child again! If we could go back in time with the knowledge I now have WOW the thing's I could have done!

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  1. Sheeesh..the way you talk about that place...makes me wanna come visit!:o)

    I am glad that you are getting so much quality time with the kids and are able to make some great memories with them while they are young.:O)


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