Sunday, March 28, 2010


What a blast today was! Family time together, the great outdoors, beautiful scenery and a wonderful time! Today started out pretty lazy chilling out and relaxing! After brunch we all decided today was going to be Geocaching day. Geocaching is worldwide and to sum it all up it is one big treasure hunt! People have hidden items all over the world and put the coordinates down so that others can find them! For more info go to it is a great way for families to spend time together and not have to spend any money! We decided to start with the first geocache on the list!
It was a little drive and a little hike in the snow and the woods but when the kids found it they were so excited! Most of the Geocaches have hints and it was needed for this one! Hidden within a log there it was! After a short hunt Sienna found it! Inside the camo box were many different items and the whole purpose of Geocaching is if you find something you can take it and then you leave something behind. For this one we took a little deck of cards and left a toy tiger! After the excitement on to the next one we went! The part that is the most fun is the anticipation and excitement of the find! The kids Dave and I were off again!

This find was really tough but well worth it! In different caches they have travel bugs (pic of one above) These travel bugs go place to place all over the world! With this travel bug we typed in the code and discovered that it originated from Arizona! Now that is cool! Seth managed to find this cache under a pile of snow stuck inside a dead log! In this one we took the bug and left the cards! I think even though the hunt and the find was wonderful and we are looking forward to doing it again the fact that all five of us could get outside and get some exercise and truly spend quality time together was the best part of all!  To find a lot of these caches you have to work together, and as a family we did just that! It was also quite nice to see how beautiful Fort McMurray really is! When you are stuck in all the hub bub of the town you can forget to look around! With these geocaches most are hidden in the woods or in a secluded place so in the midst of the hunt the beauty really appears! We all look forward to next weekend when we have decided to go on a 4 mile hike to retrieve another Geocache!


  1. Nice to see geocaching taking off in Fort McMurry. Would like to get a club group together. We have been caching for a few years. Add us to your friends on Great White Hunters. We are in the process of geting a forum together. Happy hunting

  2. Wow! How do you find these things? I am gonna pass this one onto my brother...I am sure he would LOVE doing this with his family.


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