Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time to Catch Up with Brooke

Brooke Renee is still our little spoiled diva. Brooke is now almost 7 years old. Brooke is in grade 2 and is thriving. Brooke loves puppies and her friends. Brooke is also our little social butterfly. If thee phone rings after school chances are it's for Brooke. Brooke is such a beautiful girl (and she knows it). Brooke is most looking forward to moving in March. She has become quite the little drama queen. She sure gives Sienna a run for her money. lol Brooke is also in the choir and enjoys singing. Brooke is so fun to watch (most times) she is a mix of the best and worst of both her brother and sister. Watching Brooke grow is such a fun ride we never know what she will do next.

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