Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time to Catch Up

I have been a very lazy blogger but I will make more of an effort. Every trip, milestone, accomplishment everything I will keep you informed so that although we are miles away you can stay apart of our daily lives.
Sienna Grace now age 12. Sienna has evolved into a beautiful young woman! Since our move to Alberta Sienna has come to realize herself and her beauty. Sienna is now in grade 7 here in Fort Mcmurray. Her grades are wonderful and finally getting Sienna off to school is no longer a lengthy and painful event lol. Sienna has made a lot of friends and seems so much more confident in he ability to make the right decisions. She is looking forward to Christmas but moving in March is something she is excited about. We are officially Albertans now which to Sienna means "Drivers Licence" in two years! Moving in March will open so many opportunities for my young lady and we are so excited and proud that we can give her these opportunities. As parents Dave and I are so proud of who Sienna is becoming and watching her grow daily is a wonderful experience we are so glad to be part of.

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