Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time to Catch up with Dave and Tracy

Dave has a new job now. He has been working at Shell since July ,27, 2010. Dave loves his job which makes for a less hostile home life lol. It is quite nice to watch him happy again with his workplace. I myself not much has changed. I am writing a book called "A Woman With No Past" it is quite an undertaking. Since I have started the book many thing's in my life have changed mainly the way that I view people and situations. I am beginning to understand how I survived and how that even though I have made many mistakes in life forgiveness is a gift offered more often than originally thought. Dave and I have decided to remain in Alberta and settle down in his hometown. Throughout the time that we have been here in Alberta Dave and I have become stronger. Years ago I never thought I would ever be married again let alone be happily married. Dave is the glue that holds me together. As tacky as that may sound it is so true. To have a man forgive,  comfort and minute by minute offer unconditional love is something I  was not raised with so it has taken time but the love Dave offers has conquered the past. Dave will be commuting after we move so it will be an interesting transition. I can't wait!!!!

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