Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shopping Break

So now it is 12:42pm and we a minutes away from Kenora! We stopped at the really neat little place called Fort Vermillion! It is this little place that is setup like a little fort! Hence the name I guess! The kids got to check out the upper level and the playground! They got a good run in so I think that helped ease some of the tension that was happening! The kids got to get a slushy and laughed their heads off when they got their picture taken with Dave in a cutout! There were four spots for their heads and they laughed from their toes when they realized that Dave's head could not fit in the hole as it was to big! They laughed all the way to the van! It is nice to see us coming together as a family and giggle over silly things that were intended to be funny! It amazes me how little stress there is considering we are in such closed quarters! The kids started an animal game with Dave and I (although the rules change often) The game is how many animals do we see! Wild life is pretty scarce so now the kids have Incorporated statues we see in the little towns! (hence rules changing depending on what is classified as an animal) Brooke classifies the snowman and dinosaur the rest of us do not! For the rest of us 2 Black Bears everything else cool ZIP! As we drive Dave would like to add "What's with the trees growing on the rocks"

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