Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We are getting there SLOWLY!

So it is now 5:17 pm and we are still 3 hours away from our goal for the day! Cochrane! Tired,a little stiff but everyone seems to be holding their own! No major incidents to report so far! Seth is quite sick! I think all the excitement and stress over the last few days finally caught up with him as well as he has never been the greatest traveller in the car! Sienna passed her time mostly by watching movies and surprisingly enough Brooke has not slept at all YET! It has been a little difficult to explain to the kids and more importunately getting the kids to understand how far we actually need to go! Brooke has already asked numerous times if we are there yet! Cute yes but driving me slightly crazy! I have driven the van with the trailer for the first time ever! And no issues except the paranoia! Lots of first and many more to come make this adventure into our new lives quite exciting! Still no moose or any wild life but the kids and I keep looking quite intently! So for now as Dave and I listen to the same Simpson's show for the fifth time in the background I have felt closer already! Well I guess for now I better get back to our moose hunting! Any wild life at this point would be great I would settle for a squirrel! LOL

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