Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here We Go on Our Adventure

Well it is now 11:15 am and we just said our see yah later's to our friends and family! Lots of tears,hugs and kisses but all the while knowing this is for the best and the adventure of a life time! Right now we are half way to Bancroft and we are stopped right now at a major accident! Looks like a bus has flipped over and there are people still inside! It is horrible!The kids are asking a lot of questions! SHOCKING! I guess the questions are better than 3 DVD players going at the same time at 3 different volume levels with 3 different movies! The sadness of moving away from all the kids and I have known is still pretty raw but the excitement of the trip is starting to kick in and so is the nausea of the trailer jerking the van! We are well on our way!

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