Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where Did The Time Go?

Today has just begun and already it has been the best day! We got up and got ready and we left the motel at around 8:30 am we drove for about an hour and stopped at this cute little restaurant! When we got there it was 9:34 am ! We went through a time zone and never notice the kids thought it was really cool! On our way to breakfast we saw a really cute black bear walking along the side of the road in the ditch! The bear restored our faith there is life out there! The restaurant had AMAZING food! It was a little disturbing though because it was just a little town restaurant the decor was hunting. Camo chairs and curtains lots of mounted fish etc.... It was a little disturbing that they had a wall of fame which was covered with pics of animals that hunters had gotten! The kids were quite bothered by the pics of dead animals on the wall! It made for a great breakfast conversation! We just drove into Ignace we are only about 4 1/2 hours away from Winnipeg WAHOO see yah Ontario!

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