Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome Sweet Alyssa

Well where do I begin today was one of the weirdest days I think! I got news that my niece had her 3rd baby early this morning! Alyssa a sweet little sister for my two nephews! What a great anniversary gift for me! I got a call later this afternoon to find out she might have spina bifida! Tests tomorrow will determine what the bumps on her spine! Prayers would be great! Seth feels much better he has been quite hyper all day but very well behaved none the less! I realized about 6 hours into the driving today 2 thing's one I have the best kids in the world and 2 I HATE trees. Yes they give us air and they are beautiful but after 8 hours of rows upon rows of trees the beauty dissipates after about 2 hours! Still no signs of any wildlife which is quite exasperating to the kids and myself but honestly I think that I whine about it most! My 3rd anniversary is today and for it Dave and I celebrated driving in a van starring at trees and more trees with a little bit of rocks just to add to the dullness of it all and for dinner Dave and the kids ate at Wendy's in Thunder Bay. We were going to have Subway but imagine that SubWay had NO bread at all at 6:00pm. Anyway I am not going to stay on to long I am typing 5 words and killing
10 misquotes Lesson for the day NEVER get a motel by the water in the middle of no where these little pests come in swarms!

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  1. lol.....Thunderbay is where my husband is from! P.S. Are you really moving? I didn't get to say goodbye!


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