Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pit Stop!

So now it 7:42pm and we are still a ways away from Cochrane! I think at this point it might be an imaginary town! I think the kids are starting to get the point of how long it really is to get to Alberta! Seth is feeling a little better as he spent the better part of the trip sleeping! He is so desperate to see some wildlife! Dave has to keep explaining to us four children that we will see more A LOT more as we get closer to Manitoba but as you all know we are not the most patient people! OK OK mostly me! Seth has got so desperate he is now pointing out all the cows or dogs we see! It is really cute! We stopped for a quick dinner at none other than McDonalds and beside McDonalds was a really cute museum it was not open but the cow that was outside was enormous and the kids could not believe the size of it! They got to run around and burn off some much stored up energy and we took a few picks and off we went again!


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